Modo Glasses: An Unparalleled Combination of Style and Sustainability


Modo Glasses represent a perfect blend of innovative design and environmental responsibility. With its sleek profiles and minimalistic style, Modo is at home on the fashion runway, but equally fitting in a sustainable living marketplace.

Our Story

As purveyors of Modo Glasses, we honor the timeless quest for individual expression with the principles of reducing, recycling, and giving back. The symbiosis of contemporary style and environmental thoughtfulness sets Modo Glasses apart from the competition.

Anatomy of Modo Glasses

Let’s delve deeper into the craftsmanship behind Modo Glasses that makes them such an impeccable piece of eyewear.


Reflective of modern design ethos, Modo Glasses showcase quintessential minimalism through subtle color palettes and streamlined shapes. Their design aesthetic stems from SoHo’s organic and architectural maturity, which translates into a pleasing array of eyewear styles, suitable for every lifestyle.


Modo Glasses are constructed using superior quality, lightweight, and hypoallergenic materials such as titanium and stainless steel. These materials ensure durability, comfort and retain the structural integrity of the eyewear against varying weather conditions.

Comfort & Fit

Equipped with ergonomically crafted nose pads and temple tips, Modo Glasses guarantee unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit for all face types.

The Modo Eco Line

Modo’s green initiative is encapsulated in its exclusive ECO line. ECO stands for ‘Earth Conscious Optics’. It’s the first of its kind eyewear brand to be made from 95% recycled materials.

Environmental Responsibility

Purchasing a pair of Modo Glasses goes beyond the bounds of mere consumer indulgence. A tree is planted for every purchased frame, aligning the buyer with Modo’s noble cause of sustainability and reforestation.

Technical Superiority

Technology plays a pivotal role in the crafting of Modo Glasses. Our patented screwless hinge design eliminates the use of screws, offering durability and an integrated aesthetic.


In essence, Modo Glasses offer an unparalleled synthesis of chic urban design, material excellence, and ecological awareness. They stand as a testament to Modo’s innovative spirit, promising uncompromised style, matched by a dedication to sustainability, creating a far-reaching impact on trendsetters and the planet alike.

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